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Saturday, 29 August 2015

Harleys back in town – 2015 Thunder in the Glens

Photos of Harleys passing through Newtonmore (28.7.2015) on their way to Aviemore and the 2015 Thunder in the Glens. A few came this way though most continued up the A9.


Aviemore (29th August 2015)

A visit late afternoon on 29th August revealed hundreds of Harleys at Aviemore: 

 Young Harley fan admiring the bikes 

 Spotless Harleys 
(above and below)

 Youngsters from Chicago and Dunedin Chapters 
Swathes of accommodation for bikers etc.

Friday, 28 August 2015

Police warning on commodity fraud

Don't sell your alternative assets – 
wine, art etc. – to cold callers!

Yesterday an Essex CID officer asked investdrinks to help to pass on the message above. This CID officer is involved in investigating multiple companies, who cold call investors offering to sell their assets at inflated prices. He described how the initial investigation into a company offering commodities including 'graphene!' for wine has seen those involved set up a myriad of dubious companies once the original company was complusorily wound up. "Like an octopus," the officer said.  

The likelihood is that once the investor releases their asset to these cold callers for the promised sale they will never receive a penny nor see their assets again. 

The Police message is that if you want to sell your alternative assets do it through an established, reputable company.  Never, ever, use of company that has cold called you no matter how tempting their offers are. 

Fortunately it has never been easier to do your due diligence on companies. Now made even easier with the trial launch of Companies House Company Information Beta Service.

The Beta service is much easier to use than the old Companies House search site and furthermore all the documents are free of charge. 

(The important message was first published on my investdrinks blog. So rife, however, are these scams that I am also posting this on Jim's Loire.)     

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Quincy and Reuilly: Journées de l'Ocean 29th-30th August 2015

45th edition of the Journées de l'Ocean

'Quincy fête, cette année encore le plaisir toujours renouvelé des produits de la mer associés à ses vins blancs. Avec les ostréiculteurs de l’île d’Oléron et les vignerons de Quincy : huitres, moules, sardines, andouillettes, merguez, fromages de chèvre, crêpes, galettes aux pommes de terre, pommes, vins de Quincy et de Reuilly attendent les visiteurs du week-end.'
Read more here Gilblog

2012 Pierre de Tuf, Chinon, Domaine de la Nobaie

2012 Pierre de Tuf, Chinon, Domaine de Noblaie 

I'm always in impressed with Jérôme Billard's Chinons, so it was good to try his 2012 Pierre de Tuf. This is Domaine de la Noblaie's special cuvée, which is vinified in a small vat carved out of limestone – hence the name. 

The 2012 is still youthfully purple and is impressive for a difficult vintage. It has considerable concentration of black fruits but is still quite tight and ideally needs another two to four years in bottle.  
£12.95 from The Wine Society

The Pierre de Tuf vat